The Compassionate Listening Project

The Compassionate Listening Project teaches skills for peacemaking that can be utilized in our every day lives with a goal of social change both locally and internationally. This organization was based on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and was founded in1999 by Gene Knudsen Hoffman, an active global peacemaker and founder of the United States/USSR Reconciliation program as well as several other prominent programs.

The Compassionate Listening Project provides training and workshops across the United States by encouraging and fostering the development of ‘Listening with the Heart’. Hoffman designed this project to facilitate non-judgmental and compassionate listening, while seeking the truth of the person speaking.

The message crafted by Gene Knudsen Hoffman is this: by simply talking to people and truly listening you may be surprised with what you can learn. In the process you will facilitate your own compassion by showing you care about someone who may feel as though he/she is being silenced.


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